The Man Behind Siri’s Voice in The UK


Jon BriggsHave you ever wondered who provided the voice for Siri? Despite Apple’s request to remain anonymous, Jon Briggs, British voiceover artist, revealed that he is the voice of Siri in the UK.

He was told by the Apple PR to not publicly speak about Siri because Apple employees are not authorized to discuss products. But because Jon Briggs recorded his voice for a company called Scansoft, he never signed a contract with Apple, which is why he has now gone public.

Briggs recorded over 5’000 sentence over three weeks. He was told to speak in a specific way, reading “flat and even”. The recordings were then analyzed to grab specific phonetics. These phonetics now allow Siri to speak about every word in a natural language, even if Briggs never actually recorded that specific word.

via TUAW

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