Why The Working Siri Port Hasn’t Been Released Yet


Yesterday, n00neimp0rtant managed to get Siri to authenticate on an iPod Touch. The reason why he can’t release it right now is that the validation info expires after 24 hours. You also need access to an iPhone 4S to get the required info.

“@tw23777 it’s not possible to be released. i’m using validation data from a 4S that expires every 24 hours =[“

He is now working on a tool that could package the validation files of an iPhone 4S to be used by another iPhone 4 / iPod Touch.

@chpwn have you figured out how to generate sessionValidationData yet instead of needing to copy it from a 4S every 24 hours?

@chpwn because that’s p much like the only thing keeping siri from being releasable

@beluM @chpwn i have plans for a pwnagetool-like app for jailbroken 4S that gathers Siri data/info and packages it up for someone else


@beluM @chpwn that’s why pwnagetool is legal: it doesn’t actually contain any apple-copyrighted material.

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7 thoughts on “Why The Working Siri Port Hasn’t Been Released Yet

  1. Wow nice news!! i hope anyone can release Siri COMPLETE i mean, that siri can connect to the servers!
    SPAIN 😀

  2. Why doesn’t anyone ever look towards the initial setup files off the 4s… I believe the key is there for getting this up and running…

  3. If they can make private Siri servers why not just make one for the older iPhone devices. Meaning that my iPhone will be running a Siri server and Siri at the same time

  4. So apparently, we’re having the same problem, I also copied my 4s’ files to my iPhone 4, and ran some software, and then i got siri working on my iPhone 4 for a couple of hours an then it stopped an said that she has a trouble connecting with the internet! 🙁

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