How to unlock your door with Siri


Siri actuated door lockWouldn’t it be nice if you were able to open your door without your keys? Well, with this hack, you can. Just use Siri to unlock or lock your door.

The folks at LAANLABS modified a door so you can open it with Siri. To build this yourself, you need an Arduino, WiFly shield, some servos and a whole bunch of other things.

Here’s how it works. You can use Siri to send a text message “Send Door unlock” to your Twilio account. The Google App engine then sends a signal to WiFly shield controls connected to an Arduino to control the servo and unlock the door. The only downside is that the whole process takes about 20 seconds. But hey, still better than trying to get the key in your door when your drunk, right?

via laanlabs, hackaday

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