Stroughtonsmith Demands Jackoplane to Release Proof for his Siri Port, Jack Promises Video by Tomorrow

@stroughtonsmith demanded @jackoplane to post a video because Jackoplane wanted 500$ in donations to pay for the server. Stroughtonsmith then tweeted

It’s been a month; I’m still waiting for evidence from @Jackoplane that he’s got any further with Siri than the stuff I *gave* him.

After that, he demanded Jackoplane to post a video proof.

@THiZIZMiZZ well ok then; stop collecting money until it’s proven to be real :-P Ultimatum thrown down. [link to the picture below]

@Jackoplane how about you post a video right now and show everybody, not just me?

Jackoplane a video will be shot tomorrow

A video will be shot 2morro.

Let’s see if Jackoplane will release the video tomorrow or if the has been lying to us for the last few weeks just to get money from us.

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8 thoughts on “Stroughtonsmith Demands Jackoplane to Release Proof for his Siri Port, Jack Promises Video by Tomorrow

  1. Sorry, I didn’t understand a part of a notice. I thought so that Jackoplane is who has been ported siri to the iPhone 4, and chpwn only helped to connect to the servers.
    So the last week I saw a video in youtube witch showed that and iPod touch 4G was working with siri. Why @stroughtonsmith wants to jack publish another video? Thanks for all the notices !!! ….And sorry for my english i’m from Spain!

    • Hey Xavier.
      Jackoplane’s port and chpwn’s port have nothing to do with each other. Chpwn did all the work by himself. The video you saw of the iPod Touch 4G was posted by chpwn. They (chpwn and stroughtonsmith) managed to get it to connect to Apple’s server by using files from a jailbroken iPhone 4S (a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S isn’t currently available to the public). Chpwn also wrote a blog post on why they can’t release it right now.
      Stroughtonsmith was the first person who successfully ported the User Interface of Siri to the iPhone 4. He then gave the files to Jackoplane who continued working on the port. It has been more than two weeks now and Jackoplane always told that it’s working, but never showed proof. When he started to ask for donations today, stroughtonsmith said that his port was fake and that Jackoplane should release a video proof. Jackoplane then said he will upload a video tomorrow.
      I hope you understand everything now ;) . If not, just ask again.

  2. So far Jackoplane has not released any video, instead he said he would release it today for ally o see it for themselves. As of 10:02 pm, there has been nothing but jackoplane screaming “Herpinya!” with noinformationw hat it means. I think he’s faking this thats my opinion.

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