TweetLine Updated To Version 1.0-beta1

Heads Up: Tweetline has now been released in Cydia and is ready for installation. If you are having crash issues while asking Siri for your Twitter mentions then do a reboot and it should work temporarily. The dev (@rud0lf77) has also tipped us that he has found the problem that causes the crash and he will be fixing it shortly!

The latest Siri tweak known as TweetLine was slowly becoming more and more popular and users everywhere wanted to see more functionality in it, so the developer @rud0lf77 went ahead and made a major upgrade to the tweak. He still names it as beta because more functions will be added sooner or later.

In the original version of the tweak we could only ask Siri to load tweets, which she did, but only 5 tweets at a time. Now, in this update we can actually set the tweet count to whatever number we feel like. By just saying “Set tweets to [number]”. Continue reading

TweetLine Is Now Live In Cydia (Video)

In one of our previous posts we told you about TweetLine by @rud0lf77, a Cydia tweak which allows you to load your Twitter timeline by simply asking Siri to do it. The tweak is now live and you can download it for free under the ModMyi Cydia repo.
You should also know that Tweetline is a plugin to AssistantExtensions.

As of now you can only load the top 5 tweets of your timeline. But the developer already confirmed that the next version of his tweak has already been sent to ModMyi for approval. The next version will add support for mentions. He also plans to add more features in future updates. Continue reading

TweetLine Shows Your Twitter Timeline In Siri, Will Be Available Soon

We all know that Siri lacks the ability to tweet. After the iPhone 4S jailbreak, there were a few tweaks that allowed you to use Siri to tweet (AssistantExtensions for instance). Now a new tweak called TweetLine is about to be released. We don’t know much about the tweak yet, but as we can see in the screenshot below, it looks like you can take a look at your timeline from within Siri.

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How To Tweet With Siri [SiriProxy Plugin] *Update* Now Available

How To Tweet With Siri - SiriProxy Plugin

With the help of @plamoni‘s Siri Proxy@netpro2k managed to teach Siri how to tweet. This method is much more elegant than the SMS method, but it currently requires a complicated setup.

The commands are actually interpreted by Apple’s servers, and then intercepted by a proxy I have running locally. I am then simply using Twitter gem to make the post. Confirm and cancel work both by voice and by clicking the onscreen buttons. You may notice it appears the resutls are coming from WolframAlpha. I just used this response format as it allows you to return arbitrary text and images, as well as a confirmation. There is no interaction with wolfram’s servers.


Netpro2k’s code has been pulled into the main repository and can be downloaded here.

via Netpro2k