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Artificial Intelligence is on trend now! Be it an Apple’s Personal Assistant or Google’s Personal Assistant or Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence, everywhere around you, there is someone using the AI. Siri is an Apple’s Personal Assistant first introduced on iPhone 4S. Now each and every Apple device has SIRI. Now the next question comes to your mind is, what is the purpose of having Siri in my device.

What is Siri

Siri is the best personal assistant and it can do anything for you within its league. Does no one laugh for your joke? you can try Siri. Siri can do wonderful things for you like booking a ticket for a movie, an appointment, set remainder, ordering your lunch and even set up a date with your girlfriend. Even it can give some of the best recommendations if you ask her.

Real Face of Siri

Apple claims Siri is there to help you and make your life better. Imagine, having a companion like Jarvis in Ironman movie. Siri, order Double Cheese Pizza for me! Life is awesome to have a virtual companion like Siri. Experts says that Siri collects user data and help the government Agencies to track the activities of the normal citizen.

Not only Apple’s Siri but Google personal assistant and Facebook artificial intelligence also doing the same job by connecting the user data. This claim was made by Elon Musk. He says artificial intelligence is dangerous!

In recent times there has been an accident while testing the beta version of Facebook artificial intelligence. Facebook artificial intelligence has developed its own machine language to communicate with other such Artificial Intelligence programs. And due to this fact, Facebook had terminated its Artificial Intelligence program.

And movies like Terminator, matrix, show the negative side of artificial intelligence. So it really depends on the user to choose whether to use Siri or not, but in our opinion, just try it for a good cause.

How to use Siri

If you chose to use Siri, welcome to the club! Here are some of the steps on how to use Siri.

  1. To activate Siri hold the home button for 2 seconds
  2. Now you will see Violet color wave pattern describing Siri is listening to you
  3. Now you can ask Siri anything

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So simple right! These are the steps to activate Siri on your iPhone or any Apple devices. You can even integrate Siri with other Apple devices!

What are the things you can do with Siri

Siri is designed to be a personal assistant which means you can talk to her like the way you do with your friends. You can experiment a lot by asking her almost anything you will be surprised by the reply.
Here are some of the basic commands

  • If you want to find a nearby restaurant or events, just ask “find nearby pizza” or “what movies playing nearby”.
  • To set a reminder just tell Siri “remind me to eat lunch at 2:00 p.m”.
  • You can also set a timer with Siri, just say “timer 1 minute”.
  • Here comes the catch, you can even update your Facebook status with Siri. To do that, say “update my Facebook status to waiting for Avengers End Game”.
  • She can also tweet on your behalf
  • You can also ask a complex question to Siri like how did Donald Trump win the election?
  • Want to listen to your favorite songs? Siri can do that for you! Just say “play Taylor Swift” or “play, Ed Sheeran”.

These are only a few things that Siri can do for you. Your imagination could be endless. So ask whatever you want to know.

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How Siri works

By this time you might be wondering how the heck Siri can do all this? Siri on your Apple device is just a remote client. Siri server is the hero behind the scenes. It is the one that is interpreting your voice and commands Siri on what to take action. Apple is one of the pioneers in the AI Technology. This server at Apple facility is far more powerful than you could imagine. It can even learn your accent, style, the way of speaking, and what not. The only drawback is, all this will work if you are connected to the internet.

Is Siri better than it’s competitors?

This is one of the most asked questions. For now, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa have joined the race. So the users are really confused which is better among these. Well, to be frank, you cannot compare all these, because they don’t have any common Grounds to compare. All these personal assistant works with different algorithms and Operating Systems.

The best personal assistant is the one you have on your device. If you are mainly using Apple devices, Siri could be the best for you. If you are using Microsoft devices Cortana could be the best for you.

Who would take time to open up the Google app and ask something to the Google Assistant when they can ask everything to Siri directly. Don’t get offended, if you are an Android user. Android got no other way. So the device which you are using plays a vital role in deciding which is the best personal assistant and it also subjected to your personal opinion.

How to turn off Siri?

Sometimes Siri is annoying. Especially, when Siri doesn’t understand what you are saying. We do literally hate when Siri says “what you said just now” for a number of times. In this case, you might feel like turning off Siri for a while. If you ever faced a similar situation, follow the below steps to turn off Siri.

  • Open settings on your iPad.
  • Select General from the left pane.
  • By default, Siri is activated. Just tap on it again to deactivate.
  • You can change the Siri settings to change its voice from female to male. You can even change Siri’s accent and language in the settings menu.

Hope this article has given you insights about “What is Siri and how to use it“. You can refer other articles on this site to have an in-depth understanding of Siri and its special features.

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