The Three Little Pigs SiriProxy Server Is Up And Running Again

The Three Little Pigs Server is now up and running again. Because the server was down for some hours, all the keys expired. If you can’t connect to the server with your iPhone 4, you just have to wait until someone donates his key.


The Three Little Pigs: Free SiriProxy Server That Needs To Be Fed With Keys

The Three Little Pigs SiriProxy Server@jimmykane9 and @wouterds released a free SiriProxy Server called “The Three Little Pigs”. Anyone can use their server for free.
All keys used by the server have to be provided by iPhone 4S users. This means the more people donate their keys, the more people can connect to the server. Continue reading

Another Free SiriProxy Server For A Limited Time

@HisyamNasir set up another SiriProxy Server. He decided to release it to the public for a limited time. We tested the new server and it works!

Host: Continue reading

BREAKING: Free Public SiriProxy Server For A Limited Time (Confirmed)

@WeWantSiri and @ragemasta just released a Free Siri Server for a limited time.

Host URL:

We have tested this server with our iPhone 4 and it works!

This server will only work for a limited time. You can buy a personal slot for 10$ per month.

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