Rumor: Siri To Speak Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese & Russian Next Month!

As we all know, Siri, our virtual assistant and friend, is restricted to only three languages as of now because it is still in it’s beta stage. This is a bit disappointing for people across the globe who either have problems speaking in English or have a heavy accent.
So today the Chinese Tech website DoNews claims that an Apple Engineer has tipped them that Siri will start speaking Chinese by next month as the Chinese version of Siri is already undergoing internal testing.

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Will iOS 5.1 Bring New Commands to Siri? [Rumor]

Switch on BluetoothAccording to, iOS 5.1 will bring new commands to Siri that allow you to control hardware aspects of your device. Apple will also release iOS 5.0.2 very soon to solve the battery issues. iOS 5.0.2 should arrive by the end of next week.

With the new iOS 5.1, you’ll be able to tell Siri to “take a picture”, “make a video” or “switch off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth”. As Siri is still in beta, these new features are not very surprising.

Apple may also release an API for developers allowing them to take advantage of Siri. We have already seen several apps that take advantage of Siri’s Speech-to-Text feature to enhance their App.

iOS 5.1 will probably be released early next year. This means that we may also see some additional languages for Siri or at least support of maps and local search in countries other than the United States.

Unfortunately, doesn’t have any proof for these claims, so everything should be taken with some skepticism.