SiriToggles: Launch Apps, Toggle Settings And Control Brightness With Siri (Video) [Siri Tweak]


SiriToggles is probably the best Siri Tweak we have seen so far. It enables some of the most wanted features for Siri. Continue reading

Open Apps On Your Jailbroken iPhone With OpenSiri (Video) [Siri Tweak]

OpenSiriIt has only been two days since the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak has been released, and we already see the first Siri tweaks in Cydia.

One of these tweaks is OpenSiri. It isn’t available just yet, but it has already been submitted to BigBoss and should be available for free soon.

OpenSiri lets you open any stock iPhone App and even Twitter and Facebook by saying “open” or “launch” [App]. Continue reading

Launch Apps On Your iPhone With SiriProxy (Video)

Genecyber is working on a SiriProxy Plugin that lets you open Apps on your un-jailbroken iPhone with Siri.

Here’s how it works:

I’m hijacking the bing search using dnsmasq, and directing all bing searches to my bing plugin and having the page redirect to known iOS url schemes. Continue reading

Launch Applications on Your Mac With Siri Using iTeleport (video)

iTeleport adds Siri supportiTeleport is a powerful remote control VNC app for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iTeleport is packed with features and easy to install. Just download the iTeleport on your iDevice trough the App Store ($19.99) and install the free iTeleport Connect Client for your Mac or PC.

Today they released a new feature avaliable exclusively for the iPhone 4S: Voice commands! Simply tap the microphone in the keyboard an say “Launch + Application Name” and the App will launch on your Mac.

Voice commands are currently only available on the Mac, but Windows support should come very soon. Watch the video after the break.

iTeleport is one of the first apps that make use of Siri’s speech-to-text feature. We are starting to see the potential Siri has if developers start using it.

Do you know any other apps that make use of Siri’s speech-to-text functionality? Send us an e-mail or leave a comment to let us know.

Website: iTeleport