Plex SiriProxy Plugin Now Supports onDeck [SiriProxy Plugin] (Video)

Developer @rckcrlr modified @hjaltij‘s SiriProxy Plex Plugin and added support for Plex’s new feature “onDeck”. OnDeck is a great way to keep track of all the TV Shows you are watching. By asking Siri “What’s onDeck?”, Siri will get a list of all the episodes that are on your deck and read it to you. You can then choose which episode you want to play. Continue reading

Plex SiriProxy Plugin Gets Updated (Video)

@hjaltij‘s Plex plugin for SiriProxy got updated to support some more advanced functions. It now allows you to play the latest episode of your favorite TV Shows. You can also play a specific episode by asking “Play The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 4”.

You can download the Plugin here.

Basic Plex Support Added to Siri [SiriProxy Plugin]

@hjaltij wrote a plugin for SiriProxy that enables basic support for the Plex Media Player. At the moment you can only use the commands “play”, “pause” and “stop”, but the @hjaltij wants to add more functionality soon. As soon as the Plugin connects to the SQLite Database behind the Plex Media Server, you could ask Siri to play the latest episode of your favorite TV Show or list all your movies.

Plex SiriProxy

Download the plugin here.

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