SiriLaunch: Allows You To Activate Siri Right From Your Notification Center

The easiest way to activate Siri on your iPhone is to hold down the home button for two seconds. But what if your Home Button doesn’t work properly anymore, or you simply want to activate Siri with a single Tap? Then SiriLaunch is a tweak for you.

SiriLaunch adds a Siri Logo to the bottom of your Notification Center. The position of the logo is adjustable in the settings. So all you need to do to activate Siri is swiping down to get to the Notification Center and tap the Siri icon.

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Hands-Free Control Starts Siri With Your Voice (Video) [Cydia Tweak]

Hands-Free Control CydiaHands-Free Control has been around for a while now, but with the recent jailbreak of the iPhone 4S, it just got a lot more interesting. Hands-Free Control only does one thing: It continuously listens until it hears the keyword (standard is “Siri”, but you can change it to another word). Once it recognizes the keyword, Siri will show up and you can use it as usual. This tweak is really great if you want to use Siri in your car and don’t want to hold down the home button for 2 seconds. Continue reading

Hands-Free Control lets you start Voice Control with your Voice (Siri support coming soon)

Hands-Free Control CydiaHands-Free Control is a Cydia tweak that provides a continuous listening service that lets you activate Voice Control by saying “Siri”. As soon as a public jailbreak is available for the iPhone 4S, the app will also add support for Siri. Because your iPhone is continuously listening in the background, you will notice heavy battery drain as long as this app is enabled.

Hands-Free Control is available in Cydia for $1.99 as an idroductory offer.

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