SiriMemes Has Been Updated To Version 1.0.2


SiriMemes, the free Siri tweak that lets Siri show you memes, has been updated to version 1.0.2. The previous version supported these memes:

  • problem / troll / trollface / troll face – Trollface
  • pass auf / watch out – Watch out
  • fuck / ficken / scheisse – FFFUUUUUUU
  • why / why you (no|know|now) / warum / wieso –y u no?
  • fuck (yeah|yes|yeehaw) / (ficken|fick) (ja|year) – Fuck Yeah
  • yeah / yeehaw / oh ja – AWWWWW YEEAAAAHH
  • me gusta / i like / gefallt mir / mag ich – Me Gusta

With the new version, SiriMemes now also supports the following memes:

  • poker face – poker face
  • forever alone / for ever alone / für immer (allein|alleine) / alleine / allein – forever alone
  • challenge accepted / herausforderung (überdacht|überlegt) – challenge accepted
  • challenge denied / herausforderung abgelehnt – challenge denied
  • for the lulz / for the lol / lol sir / Herr lol / Mr. lol – Sir lol a lot.
  • lol – lol

If you want to see more memes in SiriMemes you can contact the developer at

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