Jackoplane just registered a new domain jckpry.me. May it be Siri related?


Just two hours ago, Jackoplane asked the people on twitter if anybody knew a good domain register. Someone replied with “hover.com”. Soon after that, Jack tweeted:

Test, Test – http://jckpry.me/ 093b3j1i141u021d0Q2W

The domain “jckpry.me” was created on the 31st of October 2011 at 01:00:33 UTC. The DNS Servers of jckpry.me are ns1.hover.com [] and ns2.hover.com [] which indicates that the domain was created by Jackoplane.

If you visit his link, all you see is an image of an iPhone while recovering (image above). If you try to visit “jckpry.me” you get redirected to “hello.jckpry.me”, but there is nothing on that site.

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Siri ported to the iPhone 4, we finally have video proof. No public release anytime soon

@stroughtonsmith was the first one to get the Siri UI working on an iPhone 4 after the iPhone 4S and Siri were released. He then stopped working on the port. Today, he got together with @chpwn and they managed to fully port Siri over to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch!

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rud0lf77 is making progress with his Siri port to the iPhone 4, now connects to Apple’s servers

rud0lf77 Siri port

@rud0lf77 tweeted that he is making progress with his Siri port. He is now able to connect to Apple’s servers, but the servers won’t answer his requests just yet. He is using files from an iPhone 4S, so he can’t upload the files because of copyright issues.

Here´s one screenshot. i´ll upload the second one in a few minutes, siri still tries connecting to servers.. http://pic.twitter.com/I2IowGYk – rud0lf77

A few minutes later he tweeted that the Server now talks to him, but doesn’t process his requests.

Soo, the Server talks to us, but of course doesn´t answer to our requests. I´ll upload some screenshots now! 😀 – rud0lf77

And now, Siri talks to me!!! It says that it can´t connect to the server. http://pic.twitter.com/XE7GZSgH – rud0lf77

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How to unlock your door with Siri

Siri actuated door lockWouldn’t it be nice if you were able to open your door without your keys? Well, with this hack, you can. Just use Siri to unlock or lock your door.

The folks at LAANLABS modified a door so you can open it with Siri. To build this yourself, you need an Arduino, WiFly shield, some servos and a whole bunch of other things.

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