Another Siri-Site Appears, Asks You To Donate

The Siri Port ProjectJust moments ago got updated and we found out about a new Siri Port website called Now, another new Siri Port related website appeard: The website states that @IrisDevT and @THiZIZMiZZ almost completed their Siri port and that donations would really help them out. They claim to give all donations they get to whomever releases the Siri Port first.

The website also states that they need Beta testers. They only accept a limited number of testers. If you donate, the chances of you being a Beta tester are higher.

I would currently not advise you to donate. Although I really appreciate the hard work all the hackers invested in getting Siri to other iOS devices, I would wait until the Port is released. The chance of being ripped of by people who just want to make money is too high. We currently have no proof that @IrisDevT and @THiZIZMiZZ managed to port Siri. As soon as they release it, we can donate to pay them for all the effort they put into their port.