StanTheRipper, Developer of Sirisn0w, Gets Siri to Talk to Him, Still Doesn’t Connect to Apple

StanTheRipper - Sirisn0w@StanTheRipper, the developer of Sirisn0w, recently tweeted that he organized some Siri files. Two hours later he tweeted that Siri almost works. Like you see in the picture on the left, Siri now tries to establish a connection to Apple’s Servers, but it doesn’t yet succeed. Siri now also talks to you.

StanTheRipper also tweeted that he can’t release the files due to copyright issues (Read chpwn‘s blog post for more details). This means that we may not see Sirisn0w being updated in the near future.

StanTheRipper uploaded a video showing the current state of his port on the iPhone 4:

SiriSn0w released, will bring the Siri UI to your iPhone 4 through Cydia

@StanTheRipper released SiriSn0w, a package for Cydia that will install the Siri UI on your iPhone 4. I still would NOT recommend installing this package or any other Siri UI, as it doesn’t connect to Apple’s servers and therefore is useless.

WARNING: There are a lot of people who report that their phone is stuck while respringing. I would wait to install this package until all the bugs are cleared out.

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