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How far Siri can go in helping the user? Well, this is one of the most important milestones in Siri’s path. Being in a rapidly changing world, everything is automated to save time. Now you can do the same thing with Siri. Yep, you can create a shortcut for mostly used action or a sequence of action.

Siri Shortcuts

Well to create a shortcut, you need to be a bit familiar with coding. If you are one, well and good. Make your own creation! If not, there are lots of shortcuts readily available for download. You can download it and add it to your shortcuts collection. But in some cases, you need to configure these shortcuts based on your needs.

With that being said, let’s see some of the Best Siri Shortcuts. You can activate these shortcuts by voice command or you can do it manually. You can say “Hey Siri <Shortcut name>” to activate it. Let’s see it in a detailed step by step tutorial.

Steps to activate Siri Shortcuts

Note: Siri shortcut works on iOS 12 and above

Apple had already released a shortcut gallery, which consists mostly of the basic shortcut to get started.

  • Navigate to the shortcuts app and hit the gallery at the bottom.
  • Now you will find an array of shortcuts.
  • Select any of the shortcuts, For instance, “Running Late”.
  • Now select “Get Shortcut”, now this shortcut will be downloaded to your devices.
  • Now click on the top menu to edit the shortcut.
  • Now the sequence of actions available in this shortcut will be shown.

Well, pretty simple right?! These are the steps to add pre-created shortcuts to your Apple devices. There is an option available to add this shortcut in your widget. If you are not familiar with the voice command, you can use this feature.

The number of shortcuts available in the shortcut gallery is limited. There are lots of other amazing third-party shortcuts available over the internet. You can download this shortcuts from this site and customize it based on your needs.

There are shortcuts for most of your daily tasks. Starting from the “tooth brushing timer” till “sleep time monitor”, you can find everything here. It will make your life easier. If you are not using these shortcuts, you are missing the best part of your Apple devices.

Adding a Siri Voice Command to a Shortcut

Who would take time to navigate to a widget and select a shortcut, when can do a same with a single voice command? You can add these shortcuts to Siri and activate with your voice command. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Enter the menu by selecting the three circles on the top right corner.
  • Move to the settings window by clicking on the slider at the top right corner.
  • Now tap on ‘Add to Siri’ in the settings window.
  • Press on the record button to dictates your command. You can give whatever you want. (we recommend commands like Running late”
  • Now tap done! You can trigger this shortcut by saying a phrase with the shortcuts in it.

Well, these are the steps to add a voice command to a shortcut. And the best part is, you can all of these with Siri. And no coding knowledge required. Hope this article provided some of the valuable insights. And what are the tasks you wish to automate with Siri? let us know in the comment section.

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