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Siri is a wonderful personal assistant and it provides support for almost any task. Once you started using Siri, you will get used to it over time. It’s frustrating as hell when it stopped working suddenly. It feels like, you have lost one of your arms! If your Siri is not working, you need to troubleshoot Siri. Follow the below guide to troubleshoot Siri and fix Siri not working issue.

Siri not working

How to fix Siri not working issues?

So mostly you would have been calling Siri for a while and no response would have come back. Follow the below steps one by one to troubleshoot Siri and make it work as before.

Check weather Siri is turned on?

This is one of the most common causes of the issue. Mistakenly, Siri was disabled. To check this, navigate to settings. And go for general settings, and select Siri. Now check whether “Hey Siri” is enabled. If not, turn it on to solve the issue.

Sounds simple right! But this is not the only reason for the problem. These are a few more steps you need to follow, to fix the issue if still exists.

Untethered “Hey Siri”

If you are hearing this term for the first time, don’t get surprised. Siri consumes a lot of power. And it is the main service which drains the battery. So it needs a sufficient battery backup to be active. So make sure to call out of Siri, when your adopter is plugged in.

In some cases, the power consumption of Hey Siri feature equals to the 90% consumption. So it can’t handle the load, which lead to hibernation. So make sure to have a good backup, before using Hey Siri.

Check Internet Connection

Siri is an internet-based personal assistant, so you need an active internet connection to access the Siri server to interpret your command. So make sure your device had got an active internet connection.

Sometimes, you may see the symbols correctly but there might be a network issue with the router. In that case, restart your router and try again.

Low Power Mode

As I said previously, Siri consumes a lot of power. So obviously, it won’t work when the device is in a low power or power saver mode. Make sure to try again after charge it up in a normal mode.

Sometimes, Siri won’t work after an update. The new files had modified your battery and power settings. So if you are facing this issue, roll back the recent update and try again. It will work.

Try rebooting your device

Reboot is a simple way to fix the software glitches. Being an apple device, software glitches are quite rare. Just Hold down your power button for a while and slide to reboot your device. After rebooting, check for the above factors. And make sure that all the settings are intact. Hopefully, Siri will work well now.

Recalibrating Siri

If Siri is still not working as expected, follow the below steps to reconfigure and recalibrate the voice for Siri.

While configuring Siri for the first time, you might have said Hey Siri for a quite few times. It’s mainly because of voice calibration. Sometimes Siri can’t recognize your voice. So you need to recalibrate Siri for optimum performance. To do this, go to settings, navigate to General settings and select Siri followed by Hey Siri. Now disable the feature and re-enable it again.

These steps will fix your issue for sure. If you are still facing the issue, do comment below the issue with your device and iOS version. We will do some research on your behalf and come up with a solution.

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