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Siri is not a new feature to the apple user. It has been there for a while. But on iPhone X, Siri became much more intelligent. Yep, Siri is upgraded with the “Hey Siri” feature. If you are using iPhone X in the base version, you can’t find the Hey Siri option available. You need to update your iOS to get all the latest benefits. In this article, we will see How to set up Siri on iPhone¬†X and ways to use Siri on iPhone X.

If you haven’t set up Siri on iPhone X, below steps can help you to set up Siri on iPhone X.

  • Go to settings and select Siri & search.

  • To enable Siri, toggle the “press sidebar for Siri”.When it asks for confirmation, click on enable.
  • Now enable all the three options available. This will allow you to use Siri on the lock screen. And then activate Siri with voice.
  • Now select your language, depending on your location and your fluency.
  • Now select the voice and accent of Siri.
  • Make sure that voice feedback is enabled. If not, enable it.
  • Now Select My information and enter your details.
  • Now select the apps which Siri can access. Mostly all the apps will be available here.
  • Now complete the on screen instruction and pull the slider up.

These are the steps to add Siri to your iPhone X. Now you can activate Siri, either by saying “Hey Siri” or long press on the slider. If you wish to deactivate any of this feature, you need to toggle the push button on Step 3.

Ways to use Siri on iPhone X

Note: Using Siri on iPhone X drains the battery fast. Hey, Siri feature consumes a lot of power, that is why it was not available in the previous version.

Well, it purely depends on what you are using Siri for. There are lots of stuff you can do with Siri. Starting from ordering your food to attending the call. Probably, Siri can take care of your daily routine. And imagine! you can do all this with a voice command. Siri, what’s the price of New MacBook Pro?

Awesome Right! All these are possible with the Siri Shortcuts. These shortcuts are the collection of protocols to perform a task. In this way, you can automate your daily task. And life became much better with Siri! Here is an exclusive guide for you, on How to Create and use Siri Shortcuts.

In addition to this, you can do a lot with Siri. Ask Siri and you will get it. Siri is a personal assistant, which means you can interact with her like humans. And some times, Siri is funny. Confused on what to ask Siri? Here is the list of funny things you can ask Siri.

Well, these are the steps to activate and setup Siri on iPhone X. Hope this article provided some valuable insights. If you are facing any issue, do comment below!

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