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Siri is one of the best personal assistants. It’s obvious that everyone wants to test it out on their devices. What if you are using an android phone and planning to use Siri on it. Well Yes! You can use Siri on Android. Follow this guide to use Siri on Android.

Siri for android

Using iOs Emulator for Android

There are various reasons, why you might want to run the Siri on Android. But to do so, you need an iOS 11 or above on your android. It’s practically not possible to install iOS on Android devices. Since the base kernel and software are entirely different. So never give a try! you might end up bricking up your android device.

So what next? This is where the emulator comes into play. These emulators provide the virtual environment needed for the proper functioning of iOS apps. It includes literally everything! These emulators are created by cloning the iOS. The emulators contain the base android kernel to work on Android devices.

Steps to run Siri on Android

  • You can download any of the iOS emulators for android of your choice.
  • Make sure that the downloaded emulator is compatible with your device.
  • Now run the emulator on your device.
  • Now your interface will be similar to ios devices.
  • Press and hold the home screen to activate Siri.

Note: The working of this method is subjected to the emulator you are using. In some emulator, Siri function is disabled. So make sure to check the availability at Settings> General> Siri. Make sure it is turned On.

Practical Approch to run Siri on Android

Though this method will work in some cases, there are lots of practical difficulties in executing this method. The major difficulties are Hardware limitation of the Android devices. All this craze for Apple devices is mainly because of its performance. When comparing the performance of apple with similar Android devices, Apple beats them hands down!

So it’s too much load for android to run an iOS emulator. On top of that, Siri is one of the high power consuming feature in iOS devices. Its also requires considerable RAM and Storage to work properly. Even if you found a way to lower version iOS on a high spec Android device, Siri does not provide support for it. If it provides support, you need some extra processing power to run Siri.

And the next big issue is, Siri is just a client software on an iOS device. For interpretation and recognition of speech, it needs the help of the apple server. To that, you need to sign it for Apple Account. During that time, Apple server may find that you are using an emulator. And possibly stops some of its services. This avoids the basic need to get Siri on Android. Getting Siri on Android and not using is it, is one and the same.

These are the complications if you try to use Siri for Android. As an alternative for Siri, we recommend Google Assistant for you. It’s specially designed for Android devices and doesn’t need any help from the external application. In lots of ways, google assistant is on par with Apple’s Siri.

Hope this article is informative. If you find any better alternatives for Siri, do comment below.

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