Jackoplane Continues to Tease us, Won’t Release a Video


Yesterday, @Jackoplane agreed to upload a video of his Siri port on an iPhone 4 because @stroughtonsmith demanded him to show proof of his port. Jackoplane first tweeted earlier today that his SSD is full and he has to back up and restore, therefore the video might be delayed. He later tweeted that he will not post a video because he wants us to see Siri with our own eyes:

@iMikeBeas I’m relaxing and not doing a video. People can see with there owns eyes 🙂

He later revealed a new screenshot of Siri on the iPhone 4.

It more and more looks like Jackoplane is just teasing us without having anything to show at all. A video would take about 5 minutes to make and all the people would be happy, but he still prefers not to.

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