Siri port to iPhone 4 making progress, still no release date


Two days ago we posted an article about Siri being ported to the iPhone 4. The only proof we have right now is @joshmtucker, a member of ModMyi, who has installed @Jackoplane’s port on his device and confirms that it is working. That means his port should be legit, but we still would like to see a video of his iPhone 4 with Siri connecting to Apple’s servers.Jackoplane - Siri on iPhone 4

Night twitter, Got good progress done today, sorted out most of the illegal issues, now to make it work on more just the a few devices. And for those asking, No; I don’t know when it will be ready to be released. We also don’t need testers. Your device will need a Jailbreak to install the Siri port. – @Jackoplane

Some newsblogs mistakenly wrote that there is no Jailbreak required to install Siri on your phone. This is not true. @Jackoplane just said that we don’t need an iPhone 4S Jailbreak as he already has all the files necessary. This means that his port won’t run on the iPad 2 until a Jailbreak is available.

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